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Concerned about ovarian cancer

I am a two time survor of TNBC (2008 & 2013). I am not sure that this is an appropriate post for this form. I recently under went 2 PET/CT scans (1 in November and 1 this week) for concerns about another breast cancer reoccurence. I have also experienced irregular bleeding for years, and have gained 15lbs in the last 6 months. The PET/CT showed the following:


A lobulated cyst measuring 4.6 x 2.5 cm is seen in the right ovary, again seen, best seen on image 214 series 5 with no evidence of FDG activity in the solid  trauma with max SUV of 4.3. More intense FDG activity in the seen on previous PET scan involving the right ovary. A 1.6 x 1.5 cm cyst is seen in the left ovary is smaller than previous, with presence of FDG activity in the solid stroma laterally and inferiorly with max SUV of 4.9. FDG activity is seen on previous PET scan in this location also. Previously seen FDG activity seen in  the endometrium, is now decreased from previous. Trace dependent ascites is seen on image 215 series 5 in the posterior cul-de-sac.  Pelvic ultrasound however is recommended for further evaluation.

My questions is, should the existence of FDG uptake over 4.0 and the existence of ascites be concerning?

Thank you



Easterly sent you a hug.
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Hi, Robin. I would have concerns just because of your history of BC. Even if FDG uptake may be caused by infection or inflammation, and ascites might be a totally different problem, I would request the further evaluation. Hugs!
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Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are right. I am absolutely going to follow-up.
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Hi Robin,
Just thought I'd let you know you should be getting more responses by Tuesday; as emails are only sent on Tuesdays into your group of cancer type. There are a number of Ovarian members; however in the meantime you could Click "Members" above and pick the default for your cancer; then other defaults perhaps. You can read their story; even try a private message. Also, Gilda Radners site, although in Chicago may be able to connect you to resources; phone number on this link:

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thank you
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